13 Principles

Concepts of 8 Energies 5 Directions

Below is an outline of the classic 8 Energies of

Tai Chi

Intended only as an introduction to Tai Chi, these are not the only Jin

I note that these are general terms.

The Energies or ’Jin” are concepts often difficult to describe as it is far more beneficial to experience them first hand.

Each Jin can be dependant upon internal intention and external body movement or strategy.

The basis of understanding  relies heavily on the concepts of Peng and Lu as the two base elements

Peng – can be seen as expanding, growing, searching, filling, connecting. Like a balloon or car tyre, although soft and flexible, has a strength. It is neutral in effect, although is used to uproot, bounce or crush.

Lu –  It is absorbing into a void or emptiness. Needing the connection from Peng then drawing away or disappearing.


A releasing event – an attempt to penetrate an opponent’s integrity.Represented by gathering and compressing or squeezing


This is a like being heavy, a release like a wave often described as a push or press. Using gravity to displace one’s own mass. It can look like pushing with the palms, although a lightness in the hands is necessary.


Interpreted as Shoulder strike, more as a torque-based centripetal/fugal force moving onto a target.


Referred to as Elbow.. works in conjunction with Kau to release the energy trapped by its’ qualites


Pulling or grabbing


Concentric circular intersection. Separating, dividing.

Five Directions

Much needed, often neglected practice and understanding of  footwork and methods of changing weight, moving and  altering direction.

Forward, backward, to the right and left, centre

more to come……