I will try to explain some of my ideas regarding Tai Chi Chuan


Tai Chi is a Philosophy, Tai Chi Chuan is a physical manifestation of said philosophy. It is a Martial Art – inseparable melding of the internal and external struggle to maintain balance of Ones’ self in a changing environment.

In some way an understanding of the concepts of Yin and Yang are necessary.

Understand the symbol

This in itself is a simple concept -In theory!

An idea of mutually dependant opposites existing in any given moment continually in flux.

This is a kind of relativity theory, the inside being only ‘Yin’ when compared to the outside ‘Yang’ – One must always contain an amount of the other – as the two are always in flux and dependant upon the perspective view – define inside and outside – and so on…

I will therefore attempt to explain in terms of Yang – expanding and growing and Yin – releasing and returning.

These concepts become clearer as one practices Internal Arts rather by experiencing than theory alone. Suffice to say, one cannot exist without knowledge of the other. Indeed one of the functions of Tai Chi practice is to be aware of the transitions between these and how to use them.

So to say a movement is Yang – refers to a domination of Yang energy as a focus, an awareness of the Yin is equally important – here lies the problem of practice –

If we can liken Yang energy as ‘that which we do or think’ and Yin ‘That which allow to happen or merely observe’ (or not do) One can see the paradox of practicing Yin – by doing it is now Yang.. Hmm

So, how can we practice?

It is really on how we apply the Mind..